2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional AIChE Student Conference

The University of Maryland hosted the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Regional AIChE Student Conference on April 10-11, 2015! A fantastic article about the conference, including listings of Chem-E-Car, Research Paper Competition, and Research Poster Competition winners, and photographs from many events, is available here.

Email aiche.midatlantic@gmail.com with any questions!

Quick Links

General Logistics:

Registration is available now! Please register at http://umd-chbe-conference.fasttransact.net
Late Registration (Starting April 3rd): $90/person

Advisors who volunteer as judges do not need to register.  Advisors interested in judging should email aiche.midatlantic@gmail.com.

ChemE Car Competition

EDP Deadline: 11:59PM EST Friday, March 13th
Competition Fee: $100.00 per car

How to Submit
To submit your EDP, please upload one pdf to the Mid-Atlantic box.com account.  Each school has been given permission to the advisor and president but if you would like another person to have access please email allic@aiche.org by Friday, February 26th. It is recommended that each school logs into the account ASAP to make sure that you have access.

Intent to Compete
If your team intends to compete in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chem-E Car Competition, please email Jill DeTroye at jdetroye@terpmail.umd.edu and include: School, Captain Name and Contact Information, and Adviser Name and Contact Information.  Intent to compete should be submitted by Friday, March 13th.

Chem-E Car Competition Prizes:

  • 1st Place: $200
  • 2nd Place: $100

Competition Rules:
Each school participating in the Chem-E Car competition must design a vehicle to run on chemicals and autonomously stop at a given distance with the use of chemical reactions as approved by AIChE safety procedures.  For detailed Chem-E Car rules and procedures please visit the link provided below. http://www.aiche.org/community/students/chem-e-car/chem-e-car-competition-rules/
EDP’s must include the following: JSA Form, Safety Verification Form, and the Certifications Form.  Reference the link above for additional EDP information.

Chemical Shipments:
To be updated.

Additional Information:
The competition will be taking place in a gymnasium with wooden floors covered with a vinyl floorcovering.  Any questions regarding the competition should be directed to Jill DeTroye at jdetroye@terpmail.umd.edu. 

Undergraduate Research Poster Competition

Abstract Deadline: Friday, March 20th
How to Submit: Poster abstracts should be attached to an email and sent to aiche.midatlantic@gmail.com  by  Friday, March 20th . Abstracts should be kept to 500 words or less. Abstracts must have a cover page containing:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • University
  • Paper title

The Poster Competition provides students an opportunity to showcase their research for all conference attendees.  The Poster Session is open for any undergraduate student to present results from projects that they have carried out as undergraduate researchers at their university or during internships/co-ops. The Poster Session covers all key areas of chemical engineering, including sustainability, catalysis and reaction engineering, computing and process control, environmental aspects of chemical engineering, food, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, fuels, petrochemicals, energy, materials, and separations.

General Rules

  1. This poster session is exclusively for undergraduate student members of an AIChE Mid-Atlantic Student Chapter.
  2. Posters should fit a space 3’x4’ and should be landscape.
  3. Each poster will be judged by a panel of 3 or 4 judges from academia and industry.  The decision of these judges will be final.
  4. You must be present at your poster for the duration of the competition (10:00am – 12:00pm) in order to qualify for the Poster Competition.
  5. Ensure your adviser/supervisor/co-authors sign off on your abstract before submission.  All submitted abstracts become public information after submission.
  6. Upon submission of your abstract, you will be asked to pick a topic from a list of 10 available research areas.  More information is listed below.

Topical Areas:
If you have any question about which topical area is best for your poster, please consult with your advisor/supervisor/co-authors. For topic selection, focus on the nature of the work that was done, not on pie-in-the-sky applications. For example, fundamental research into new polymeric materials should be submitted to the “Materials” topical area, even if the ultimate applications may be for novel drink bottles, which may suggest “Food”.  Only if no topical area seems particularly appropriate for capturing a substantial portion of your work, you may submit it to the “General” topic area as last resort.

Topical Areas:

  • General
  • Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
  • Sustainability
  • Food, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology 
  • Separations 
  • Environmental
  • Education
  • Fuels, Petrochemicals, and Energy
  • Computing and Process Control
  • Materials Engineering and Sciences

Final Notes:

You are responsible for printing the poster and bringing it to the conference.  Your poster must fit in a space of 4 ft wide by 3 ft high, which is the anticipated size of the poster boards. Any posters, visual aids etc. should all fit in the space provided. Board and tacks will be provided for each poster.

Undergraduate Research Paper Competition 

Abstract Deadline: Friday, March 20th
How to Submit: Paper abstracts should be attached to an email and sent to aiche.midatlantic@gmail.com by Friday, March 20th. Abstracts should be kept to 500 words or less. Abstracts must have a cover page containing:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • University
  • Paper title

Paper Competition Prizes:

  • 1st Place: $200
  • 2nd Place: $100
  • 3rd Place: $50


The subject of each paper is left entirely to the individual student. Presentations often focus on recent advances in some branch of chemical engineering, original research, or plant design. Participation in the Regional Undergraduate Research Paper Competition offers valuable, real-world experience for students.

General Rules:

  1. Each entry must be an undergraduate student and a member of one of the participating student AIChE chapters.
  2. Each school may submit up to 3 (three) papers. The first paper submitted will be unconditionally accepted; the second and third papers will be conditionally accepted pending host school resources. Final acceptance status will be announced 3 weeks prior to the event.
  3. Only the first three papers submitted per school will be considered; subsequent school submissions will not be accepted.
  4. Co-authorship of papers is permitted. However, only one person shall make the presentation at the competition, and this person must have been substantially involved in the project or subject of the presented paper.
  5. Ensure your advisor/supervisor/co-authors sign off on your abstract before submission. All submitted abstracts become public information after submission.
  6. A panel of three-four chemical engineers (faculty, industry representative, or AIChE local section member) will judge paper presentations. The decision of these judges will be final.

ChemE Jeopardy

Please sign up your ChemE Jeopardy team by Thursday, April 9 at 11:59pm using the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/NLRpdzaOFX

We hope you and your team will join us in an evening of great fun during the ChemE Jeopardy competition at the University of Maryland’s mid-Atlantic AIChE student regional conference this spring! Below, you will find the rules and guidelines governing the competition.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kyle Ludwig, the organizer of the competition, at kludwig713@gmail.com.

General Rules and Considerations:

  • Three teams per game
  • Four students per team
  • Points are deducted for incorrect responses
  • All responses must be given in the form of a question
  • Participants are not allowed to buzz-in until the question has been entirely read aloud

Competition/Game Structure:

The competition will consist of two rounds: the preliminary round and the championship round. The winner from each game during the preliminary round will advance to the championship round. The winner of the championship round will automatically qualify for the national competition held at the Annual Student Conference. The structure of both rounds is similar, except that the championship round consists of double Jeopardy, whereas the preliminary round does not. Here’s what you need to know about the structure of the games.

Game Overview

  • Six categories for both single and double Jeopardy
  • Five clues for every category
  • Approximately half of the categories will be related to chemical engineering
  • Other possible topics for categories include biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and other engineering disciplines
  • One of six categories will be related to topics outside of science and engineering (such as geography, history, politics, pop culture, etc.)
  • The difficulty of the clue increases with point value
  • Teams are allowed to discuss responses prior to buzzing in, but all conversation must stop when a team buzzes-in
  • The team member that buzzes-in must be the same person that gives the response
  • 5 seconds to respond after buzzing-in
  • 5 seconds to buzz-in after an incorrect response
  • 10 seconds to provide a response to the Daily Double

Single and Double Jeopardy

  • Clues range from 100 to 500 points (multiples of 100) in single Jeopardy
  • Clues range from 200 to 1000 points (multiples of 200) in double Jeopardy
  • If a team gives a correct response, they are able to pick the next clue
  • The team with the lowest score entering double Jeopardy picks the first clue
  • Single Jeopardy and double Jeopardy each contain two Daily Double questions
  • Daily Double wager may be as high as the team’s total points at the time or 500 (single Jeopardy)/1000 (double Jeopardy) points, whichever is greater

Final Jeopardy

  • Teams with negative scores will not be allowed to particulate in final Jeopardy
  • Final Jeopardy questions will always be related to chemical engineering
  • Teams have 30 seconds to write down their wager (any value between 0 and current team score)
  • Teams have 30 seconds to write down their response, in the form of a question, to the final Jeopardy clue
  • In the case of a tie after final Jeopardy has been completed, a sudden-death tie breaker will be conducted. A single category and clue will be presented to the teams; the first team to buzz-in and give the correct response wins the game.

Call to Host:

If your university is interested in hosting the 2016 AIChE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, please take this opportunity to place a bid for your chapter to represent itself as the new host.  If your chapter intends to enter a bid to host the 2016 AIChE Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, please email aiche.midatlantic@gmail.com and be prepared to attend the "Call to Host" meeting on Friday, April 10th at 7:00 pm as stated on the tentative agenda.


We hope you are as excited for the Conference as we are! Contact aiche.midatlantic@gmail.com with any questions.

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