Chaoyang Wang - Co-President 
About Chaoyang
Hi my name is Chao
I am a senior and will be the co-president of AMSA for the 2018-2019 year with Lily Sun! I am in the Integrated Life Sciences Honors College, where I'm studying neurobiology and physiology with a minor in music performance. I will also be co-leading the Alternative Spring Break trip to NYC focused on HIV/AIDS stigma in 2019! I have gone through some of the medical school application process so feel free to ask me questions about that.

I want to give AMSA a greater atmosphere of community this year rather than an organization that you earn points for--so please do not hesitate to reach out to anyone in AMSA! We have such a friendly, welcoming E-Board so please feel free to ask us any questions or concerns you have.

I look forward to meeting you all!

Nancy R Zhang - Webmaster 
About Nancy
Hello! My name is Nancy Zhang and I am AMSA's Webmaster. I am a sophomore majoring Neurobiology and Physiology in the Integrated Life Sciences program of the Honors College and minoring in LGBT studies. I'll be TAing for UNIV100, and you'll also see me in the Viet Nam Medical Assistance Program, CMNS ambassadors and iGEM synthetic biology team. When I'm not working on schoolwork I'm either behind my computer screen or sculpting, drawing or sewing. If you have any questions about the website you can always talk to me!

I look forward to seeing you all!

Luke T Pitsenbarger  
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Lillian Sun  
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John E. Locke  
About John
My name is John Locke, and I am a sophomore Neurobiology major in the Integrated Life Science program, which specializes in preparing students at the University of Maryland for careers in the fields of scientific research and medicine. After graduating from high school, I took a gap year to explore the world of science, during which I worked in two research labs. The first was a neurogenetics lab at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, a pediatric affiliate of Johns Hopkins which studies genetic and developmental disorders, and specializes in treating patients suffering from these conditions. The lab I worked in studied a disorder called adrenoleukodystrophy, a condition where, as a result of a mutation in a fatty acid transport protein, long chain fatty acids aggregate in the brain and cause damage to the myelin sheathing of the neurons, inhibiting neural connections and resulting in loss of cognitive function. This type of research turned out to be fascinating to me, and the experience helped me start to focus my interests in science and general biology towards neuroscience and genetics. The second lab was a neurosurgery lab at Johns Hopkins, which allowed me to experience translational research and learn about the role of animal models in laboratory science, while also exposing me to some aspects of patient care. My interests piqued by these experiences, I hope to learn more about the field of neuroscience and ultimately pursue a career in either scientific research, medicine, or some blend of both in the future.

Bhavya P Vashi  
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Nick Celedon  
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Sadra Sepehri  
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