About Us

The Early Years 

    In the fall of 1992, three members of the UM TrebleMakers, Kera Rennert, Kelly Gillis, and Galeet Dardashti, became disillusioned with the group’s all-female format and decided to form the University's first co-ed a cappella group. Thus the Faux Paz were born in January 1993 under the name “The Looney Tunes.”  The three of them held auditions, and they got 8 others to join their madcap crusade.

    The group went through a bit of an identity crisis in its first semester.  The “Looney Tunes” name proved to be somewhat unpopular, and after the group rejected several names, including odd ones like “Skeleton Crew” and “The Scherzophrenics” as well as clichés like “The Accidentals,” someone suggested “The Faux Posse,” which for some reason met with less resistance than other suggestions.  The three founders made the wise executive decision to scrap the early 90’s lingo and adopt the name “The Faux Paz” on the basis that nobody in the group hated the name. The name stuck, and the name’s bilingual French-Spanish translation of “false peace” came to be very appropriate for the group, which initially had a somewhat tense relationship with the University’s other a cappella groups.  The Faux’s logo also reflected that sentiment: the inverted treble clef turns the TrebleMakers’ logo upside down. Our official motto: "Instruments are for suckers!"

Faux Paz Today

   Since that first year, the Faux Paz have continued to grow in popularity throughout College Park and beyond.  The group has traveled all over the country, performing at colleges, high schools,  and private events from Boston to New Orleans to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between.  The Faux have also frequently competed in the International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA).  In 2002, the group advanced to the International Finals at Lincoln Center in New York City, where they were judged one of the top four collegiate a cappella groups in North America.  The Faux Paz advanced to Semifinals in the 2011 ICCAs after placing 2nd in the Quarterfinal. Faux Paz has continued to succeed in the ICCAs from year to year. Faux placed 1st in the Quarterfinal and 3rd in the Semifinal in 2012. Faux placed 2nd in their Quarterfinal and 4th at Semifinals in Nashville (along with awards for Best Choreography and Best Vocal Percussion) in the 2013 competition. Faux Paz had an exciting run in the 2014 ICCA. They placed 2nd in the Quarterfinal at Johns Hopkins University and advanced to Semifinals in Nashville. Sarah Sexton was awarded Best Soloist of the night. At Semifinals in Nashville, Faux placed 4th overall and Chris Lim was awarded Best Vocal Percussion for the second year in a row! The 2015 season is upon us and Faux started off strong with a 1st place finish at their quarterfinal and awards for Best Choreography and Best Soloist, Lynique Webster. On March 28, 2015 Faux Paz was named the Mid-Atlantic Semifinal champion and advanced to ICCA Finals for the first time in over a decade. On April 18, 2015 Faux competed in the 2015 ICCA Finals at the Beacon Theater in New York City alongside 7 other incredibly talented groups. 

    The Faux Paz have released eight studio albums.  The group’s first two albums, Ends With a Z (2001) and We Steal Your Songs (2003), each garnered reviews of four stars from the Recorded A Cappella Review Board.  The group’s third album, For Lack of a Better Word, was released in July 2005.

    In April 2007, the Faux released their fourth studio album, Crisis Control.  The album has received national attention, and three different tracks from the disc were selected for the national and international "best-of" compilation CDs BOCA 2008 (Best of College A Cappella), Sing IV, and Voices Only 2007.  In addition, the album was nominated for a 2008 CARA (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award) for Best Mixed Album of the year. Faux released the album Busy Work in April 2009.

    Their sixth album REV was released at the 20th Anniversary Big Show in April 2013 and received an overall rating of 4 out of 5 from the RARB review board. REV is the first album released to be made available for digital download on Loudr and iTunes. Faux Paz completed their seventh album, Chaos, released in November 2014. This marks the first collaboration between Faux and the renowned Vocal Company and was given a 4.7/5.0 by RARB. In addition, the album received 3 CARA nominations in the Mixed Collegiate Group category.

The most recent release by the Faux Paz was their eighth studio album released by the group. The self-titled "Faux Paz" features tracks from the group's ICCA set that took them to the international Finals. The album, that was produced with the Vocal Company's David Longo and Angela Ugolini, is currently under review by RARB. The album received 4 CARA nominations including Best Album, Best track, and Best soloist in the mixed category as well as Best Electronic track overall. The opener track, "Come Into My Head" was Featured on the Sing compilation for the 2015 year. 

Faux is heading back into the studio this summer with a BIG project. Be on the look out for more news regarding the group's 9th studio album!


  • We are incredibly proud to announce that Faux Paz placed 3rd in the ICCA Finals in NYC! We are also thrilled to announced that our beautiful and talented soloist, Lynique was recognized as the top female soloist of the night! We can now say that we're the 3rd best collegiate a cappella group, and the top mixed group in the world! We're feel so fortunate to have our second consecutive year at finals end so successfully. A truly unbelievable way to end such a wonderful year of competition. Hard work, late nights, and knocking on wood goes a long way!

    Faux Paz placed 1st in the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semi Final competition at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia! FAUX IS MOVING TO ICCA FINALS FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!

    HUGE congratulations to our newest faux ladies, Tiffany and Olivia! Welcome to the Fauxmily!

    We're moving to Semi Finals!Faux Paz placed 2nd in the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal at the University of Maryland. Shout out to our friends PandemoniUM for placing 1st and the UMD Treblemakers for placing 3rd! #TerpPride

    We're very excited to announce that we will be participating in the TV program Sing It On during their second season! Catch season 2 on Pop TV to see Faux Paz and other amazing collegiate a cappella groups perform and compete! And catch up on season 1 of Sing It On on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and on demand!For more information on the show go to poptv.com or check out Sing It On's social media channels!

    Our newest studio album, Faux Paz, is out! Check out our 8th and self-titled album "Faux Paz" on Loudr, iTunes and Spotify!

    Faux is now on instagram. Follow us @UMDFauxPaz for the fauxtos you won't see anywhere else!