Release: November 2014


On their seventh studio album, the University of Maryland Faux Paz aim to capture the raw emotion that has defined their unique sound for over two decades. Through intricate arrangements and dynamic performances, Chaos explores a wide spectrum of emotions from rage and desperation to hope and vulnerability. Several of Faux’s most powerful selections are on display, including pieces from the 2013 ICCAs and the entirety of their award-winning 2014 ICCA set. This is also their first album to be produced in partnership with the Vocal Company; launching Faux Paz to the next level of recorded a cappella. 

Chaos was released Tuesday, November 4, 2014 on iTunes & Loudr! You can also listen via Spotify. Make sure to download or stream your copy and let us know what you think! Physical copies are available for distribution at concerts, events, and around the UMD community.

Chaos received 3 2015 CARA nominations: Best Mixed Collegiate Album, Best Mixed Collegiate Solo (Lynique Webster for "I Was Here"), and Best Mixed Collegiate Song ("I Was Here"). It received runner-up for Best Mixed Collegiate Solo!

 The reviews are in, Chaos has received a 4.7 out of 5!


Release: May 2013

With their sixth album, the University of Maryland Faux Paz reveal a fresh sound that is both more polished and sophisticated while still maintaining the explosive energy and emotion that has driven the group for the past 20 years. REV features an array of Faux favorites including songs that have been showcased in Faux's award-winning ICCA sets. The Faux Paz have revolutionized their sound to remain relevant within an a cappella community that is constantly evolving and are pleased to present their latest studio effort for your enjoyment. So get ready, get set, get REV'ed.

Hear live versions of the tracks by clicking links on our Music page. REV is now available for download on Loudr and iTunes or for streaming via Spotify. To order a physical copy of REV email us

 RARB awarded REV an overall 4 out of 5! Read the reviews here.

You can now listen to REV on Spotify!

Busy Work

  • 4Ever 
  • Bright Lights
  • Soulmate
  • How I Could Just Kill A Man
  • Flashing Lights
  • My Sin
  • Mercy On Me
  • When I Get You Alone
  • Portions For Foxes
  • Valerie
  • Sailed On


​Busy Work, was released at our Spring Big Show on April 24, 2009. This album was recorded at multiple locations in the spring and fall of 2008, including the studios of award-winning a cappella producer James Gammon in Charlottesville, Va., and the homes of Faux Paz alumni Dave Gradin and James Leathers. It features much of the group's repertoire from 2007-2009, including "When I Get You Alone", "My Sin", and "Soulmate", the set we performed at ICCAs in 2008. 

Crisis Control

  • It's My Life 
  • Somewhere Only We Know
  • All These Things That I've Done
  • 24
  • How To Save A Life
  • Unfaithful
  • I'm The Only One
  • Fix You
  • Heaven's A Lie
  • Sunday Morning
  • Other Side Of The World


Crisis Control, was released at our Spring Big Show on April 20, 2007.  This album was recorded at the studios of award-winning a cappella producer James Gammon in Charlottesville, Va., between January 14-19, 2007.  It features much of the group's current repertoire, including all of our new arrangements from the Fall '06 semester.   Additionally, three tracks off this album were featured on national or international "best-of" compilations!  "24" appears on Voices Only 2007, "Heaven's a Lie" was selected for Sing IV, and the closing track "Other Side of the World" is featured on BOCA 2008! 


  • We are incredibly proud to announce that Faux Paz placed 3rd in the ICCA Finals in NYC! We are also thrilled to announced that our beautiful and talented soloist, Lynique was recognized as the top female soloist of the night! We can now say that we're the 3rd best collegiate a cappella group, and the top mixed group in the world! We're feel so fortunate to have our second consecutive year at finals end so successfully. A truly unbelievable way to end such a wonderful year of competition. Hard work, late nights, and knocking on wood goes a long way!

    Faux Paz placed 1st in the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semi Final competition at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia! FAUX IS MOVING TO ICCA FINALS FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!

    HUGE congratulations to our newest faux ladies, Tiffany and Olivia! Welcome to the Fauxmily!

    We're moving to Semi Finals!Faux Paz placed 2nd in the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal at the University of Maryland. Shout out to our friends PandemoniUM for placing 1st and the UMD Treblemakers for placing 3rd! #TerpPride

    We're very excited to announce that we will be participating in the TV program Sing It On during their second season! Catch season 2 on Pop TV to see Faux Paz and other amazing collegiate a cappella groups perform and compete! And catch up on season 1 of Sing It On on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and on demand!For more information on the show go to or check out Sing It On's social media channels!

    Our newest studio album, Faux Paz, is out! Check out our 8th and self-titled album "Faux Paz" on Loudr, iTunes and Spotify!

    Faux is now on instagram. Follow us @UMDFauxPaz for the fauxtos you won't see anywhere else!