A Cappella Resources

Univeristy of Maryland A Cappella 

If you like Faux Paz you will also love our friends in these UMD groups!

  • PandemoniUM: Another awesome co-ed group. We go way back.
  • DaCadence: The newest co-ed group on campus. They are the bomb. 
  • The Generics: The all-male group with puns for days.
  • The Treblemakers: The all-female group from which Faux was born.
  • Anokha: A South Asian American group that creates multilingual masterpieces.
  • Mezumenet: An all-female Jewish group.
  • Rak Shalom: A co-ed Jewish group. They RAK!
  • Kol Sasson: Another #bombdotcom co-ed Jewish group.


Other A Cappella Groups & Online Resources

Can't get enough a cappella? Here are a few more groups we've met over the years and some helpful resources.

  • James Atticus Photography: The majority of our professional photos are shot by James! Check out his page.
  • The Vocal Company: The brilliant a cappella production company that has worked with us for our most recent album, "Chaos" as well as our upcoming album to be released this Fall! If your group is even considering releasing an album or EP, The Vocal Company is the place to call.
  • Acappology: A co-ed group from NC State that hosted us while they competed in SoJam 2012.
  • Georgetown Chimes: GU's premier all-male group, our awesome neighbors from across town have hosted us the past several years at their annual Cherry Tree Massacre.
  • Squawkappella: Salisbury's co-ed group. We share acablood, not in a weird way.
  • Vocal Point: A great co-ed group from University of Delaware who we love competing with every year in the ICCA Mid-Atlantic region!
  • Deltones: Another amazing co-ed group from the University of Delaware. We've hosted each other a few times, and we plan on staying #besties #5ever.
  • Recorded A Cappella Review BoardThe good folks at RARB have reviewed each of our albums, and they put out dozens of other reviews each year.
  • Contemporary A Cappella Society of America: CASA is a site with advice and information about a cappella recording, performance, arranging and more.
  • Varsity Vocals: The best online resource for collegiate and high school a cappella.  Home of the ICCA competition, BOCA compilations, CARA awards, and more
  • AcaRank: AcaRank is a continuously updated ranking of every collegiate a cappella group in the country.


  • We are incredibly proud to announce that Faux Paz placed 3rd in the ICCA Finals in NYC! We are also thrilled to announced that our beautiful and talented soloist, Lynique was recognized as the top female soloist of the night! We can now say that we're the 3rd best collegiate a cappella group, and the top mixed group in the world! We're feel so fortunate to have our second consecutive year at finals end so successfully. A truly unbelievable way to end such a wonderful year of competition. Hard work, late nights, and knocking on wood goes a long way!

    Faux Paz placed 1st in the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Semi Final competition at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia! FAUX IS MOVING TO ICCA FINALS FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!

    HUGE congratulations to our newest faux ladies, Tiffany and Olivia! Welcome to the Fauxmily!

    We're moving to Semi Finals!Faux Paz placed 2nd in the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal at the University of Maryland. Shout out to our friends PandemoniUM for placing 1st and the UMD Treblemakers for placing 3rd! #TerpPride

    We're very excited to announce that we will be participating in the TV program Sing It On during their second season! Catch season 2 on Pop TV to see Faux Paz and other amazing collegiate a cappella groups perform and compete! And catch up on season 1 of Sing It On on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and on demand!For more information on the show go to poptv.com or check out Sing It On's social media channels!

    Our newest studio album, Faux Paz, is out! Check out our 8th and self-titled album "Faux Paz" on Loudr, iTunes and Spotify!

    Faux is now on instagram. Follow us @UMDFauxPaz for the fauxtos you won't see anywhere else!