Representative Responsibilities

  1. Attend Assembly Meetings. Assembly meetings are on Fridays from 2:30-4:30 PM once a month from September to June. Representatives should attend all meetings and after three unexcused absences may be expelled from the legislative body as dictated by the GSG bylaws. In the case of a known/excusable absence a representative is encouraged send a proxy from their program and should always notify the Vice President of legislative affairs via e-mail The agenda for meetings will be disseminated before the meetings and the minutes are available for review as needed after meetings for those who are absent.
  2. Sit on a standing Committee. Assembly members must serve on at least one standing committee. This consists of one meeting a month of at most an hour as arranged by the committee. Committees can be found here and are assigned by the Vice President of Committee Affairs who can consider preferences by being e-mailed at Absences should be communicated with the representative’s respective committee chair.
  3. Be an enrolled graduate student. Must be active graduate student in department while serving as a representative.
  4. Communicate with your constituents. Representatives should disseminate e-mails as needed from the GSG to their constituents. Representatives are enrolled in a listeserve to receive messages regarding the assembly and should serve as a liason between their constituents and the GSG for concerns they may have.

5 Effective Ways to Communicate with your Constituents

  1. Let them know who you are.  Introduce yourself to your peers through email, face-to-face in the graduate lounge, or leave a message in their mailbox.  Tell them what your position entails and how you can bring their concerns to the Assembly.
  2. Encourage and collect feedback.  Use your resources available to you in the program to gather feedback from students.  Post a message on the department/program/student group website or bulletin board or have a suggestion box outside your office.
  3. Speak at a graduate student organization meeting.  Ask the officers of your GSO to allow you to speak at the next general meeting.  Give them a brief overview of GSG, upcoming activities, or encourage them to apply for funding through GSG.
  4. Keep continuous communication.  Give a brief account of the latest news from the Assembly meetings though email once a month.  Share upcoming social events such as grad pub and sporting events.
  5. Give specific invitations.  Reach out to students that you feel would be good volunteers or participants in the variety of GSG activities such as committees, sporting and social events, and other community activities.