Event Funding Request Process

EFR Application Process

  1. Submit your online application for funding via the EFR Submission Form. Before starting your application, make sure the following criteria are met:
    • You are a Graduate Student Organization (GSO) registered with the OrgSync or, a student currently enrolled in a graduate degree granting program.
    • If you are requesting 5% of the total EFR Budget or less from the GSG, you must submit your EFR no less than one month before the event. If you are requesting more than 5% of the total EFR Budget you must submit your EFR no less than six weeks before the event. This is a strict deadline and no exceptions will be made to this rule.
  2. Once submitted, the Vice President for Financial Affairs (VPFA) reviews the application to check if the above conditions are met. The VPFA sends it to the Budget & Finance Committee (BFC), or to the BFC, then makes a presentation to the the Assembly (if the amount exceeds 5% of the total EFR Budget ). The BFC makes a decision with 7 calendar days if the amount is less than 5% of the total EFR Budget . The Assembly makes a decision at the first meeting after submission of the EFR if the amount exceeds 5% of the total EFR Budget
  3. You're notified of the funding decision.

Approval of Funding Process

  1. If funded, You must electronically sign an agreement/acknowledgement of your responsibilities in receiving GSG funding. Once this agreement is signed, the Director of Operations (gsg-office@umd.edu) in conjunction with a staff member from your department prepares the financial paperwork. On-campus entities such as Dining Services or Printing Services will receive an ISR (Internal Service Request) as a form of payment. University-approved off-campus vendors must already exist in the University's accounting system. Such vendors receive purchase orders (PO's) as a form of payment. No actual checks or cash pass through the hands of the GSG or its representatives.

Post-event Process:

  1. It is your responsibility to return original receipts from purchase orders to the Director of Operations within one week after the event. Failure to do so jeopardizes future funding for your organization.
  2. In addition to turning in receipts within one week after the event, you must SUBMIT AN EFR REPORT with the following information: who, what, when and where, including an accurate count of the number of attendees at the event, the length of the event, and whether the event succeeded in appealing to a reasonably broad cross-section of the graduate student community. The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is encouraged to use this Post-Event EFR Report Form in order to provide the necessary information. A completed form will include at least one photograph of the event.

Items GSG Will NOT Fund

  • No reimbursements to students or student groups.
  • No funding for events past the submission deadline.
  • No funding for gift cards, flowers, trophies and other gifts of sentiment.
  • No funding of capital expenditures, registration or entry fees.
  • No funding for honoraria, travel, lodging expenditures, or rental cars.
  • No funding for contracts
  • No funding for alcoholic beverages, non-university approved vendors, drugs or illegal substances, salaries, and direct contributions to charities are not permitted.


If you have any questions about the process please contact the Vice President of Financial Affairs (gsg-vpfa@umd.edu)