General Information About GSG Elections
Our vice president of Legislative Affairs (VPLA) will be leaving at the end of Fall semester. We will be holding a special election to elect the next VPLA in the December assembly meeting. The meeting is on Monday, December 3rd, 2:30-4:30 at Stamp Student Union, Benjamin Banneker room (2212). People who are interested in this position must come to the meeting and nominate themselves. For more information, contact vpla-gsg@umd.edu

Elected positions with GSG fall into two categories: Representative and Executive. Representatives attend monthly assembly meetings, service on committees, and function as ambassadors between their program and GSG.  More information on Representatives can be found here

Executives have specialized positions, serve as committee chairs, and are responsible for attending monthly assembly meetings as well as weekly Executive Board meetings. These positions require about 5 hours of work per week and are paid an honoraria of $1,334 each semester. More information regarding each Executive Position can be found here

When are assembly meetings? Do I have to go to every one?

All regular Assembly meetings will be held once a month alternating between Monday and Wednesday afternnoons, roughly four weeks apart. Exact dates vary depending on holidays and the University calendar. Ten meetings are held every year from September to June. Representatives should personally attend or send a proxy to all meetings. After three unexcused absences, a Representative may be expelled from the legislative body as dictated by the GSG bylaws. If an Executive misses three assembly meetings, they will automatically be cited with a Charge Of Neglect and the Assembly will vote on impeachment.

What do I have to do to run?

What do I have to do to run?

1. Be a currently enrolled graduate student
2. The submission time has now closed.
3. Read the GSG Election Packet for important information.
4. Notify the chair of your department of your candidacy via email.
5. Stay tuned on GSG’s website and social media accounts for a link to the voting form.
6. Campaign within your department and encourage your fellow graduate students to vote for you.

Is there any other important information I should know?

Yes! You must win your election by a margin of two votes in order to join Graduate Student Government. Even if you run unopposed, you must receive two votes. One can be from you, and another from a fellow graduate student in your department. You have to win by two votes.

Good luck and go Grad Terps!

For information on elections, contact our Vice President for Community Development gsg-vpcd@umd.edu