Welcome to GRAD 2017: Communicating Research beyond the Academy 

Thank you to everyone who attended GRAD and contributed to the event, either by being a judge, volunteer, or presenter! Below are the first- and second-place winner of GRAD 2017 for each category. I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to everyone! If you have time, please complete our feedback survey so we can improve future GRAD events! Thank you for such a great event and we hope to see you at GRAD 2018!


ORAL I Culture A

FIRST PLACE              Julie Brice, KNES

SECOND PLACE         Eddie S. K. Chong, PSYC


ORAL I Culture B

FIRST PLACE         Priya Kumar, INFS

SECOND PLACE      Thomas McCloskey, COMM           


ORAL I Education

FIRST PLACE              Anne Spear

SECOND PLACE         Xu Han, POSI   


ORAL I Environmental Chemistry

FIRST PLACE              Travis Dietz, ENMA     

SECOND PLACE         Heather Dolan, NFSC


ORAL I Health

FIRST PLACE              Zahra Saboori, BCHL

SECOND PLACE         Hannah Allen, BCHL


ORAL I Technology A

FIRST PLACE              Miead Nikfarjam, ENPM

SECOND PLACE         Patrick Stanley, ENMA


ORAL I Technology B

FIRST PLACE              Daniel Votipka, CMSC

SECOND PLACE         Eric J. Marksz, ENMA



FIRST PLACE              Farzad Ehtemam, NACS            

SECOND PLACE         Neha Trivedi, BCHL


ELEVATOR II Applications in Science

FIRST PLACE              Andrea Gilbert, NFSC

SECOND PLACE         Hongcheng Xu, BIPH


ELEVATOR II Society and Culture

FIRST PLACE              Yun Lu, EDCP      

SECOND PLACE         Abigail Bickford, BCHL

ELEVATOR II Environment
FIRST PLACE              Elske Tielens, BISI          
SECOND PLACE         Kristofer Lasko, GEOG          

ORAL II Physics and Astronomy

FIRST PLACE              Min-A Cho, PHYS

SECOND PLACE         Vikram Orre, ENEE       


ORAL II Society and Culture

FIRST PLACE              Marisa Franco, PSYC          

SECOND PLACE         Ashley Minner, AMST         


ORAL II Education

FIRST PLACE              Courtney Hattan, EDHD           

SECOND PLACE         Vivien V. Angelus, COMM        


ORAL II Health

FIRST PLACE              Laramie Pence, BISI

SECOND PLACE         Lauren D. Field, BIOE



FIRST PLACE              Brian TaeHyuk Keum, EDCP  

SECOND PLACE         Kecia L. Ellick, FMSC



FIRST PLACE              Ana P. Valencia, KNES

SECOND PLACE         Deirdre Quinn, FMSC


ORAL III Computer Science and Neuroscience

FIRST PLACE              Joshua Brulé, CMSC

SECOND PLACE         Li Fang, URPD   


ORAL III Chemistry and Biochemistry

FIRST PLACE              Leila Duman, CHEM

SECOND PLACE         Shelley Sandmaier, ANSC      


ORAL III Society and Culture

FIRST PLACE              In Hye Kang, BPHD

SECOND PLACE         Caroline Harmon-Darrow, CRIM,      


ORAL III Technology and Energy

FIRST PLACE              Hossein Salami, ENCH




FIRST PLACE              Anthony Kondracki, MCHS       

SECOND PLACE         Boya Liu, AREC  



FIRST PLACE              Marina Shumakovich, BIOE       

SECOND PLACE         Ji Young Choi, BISI            



FIRST PLACE              Timothy Sheets, ANSC

SECOND PLACE         Mary Jung, EPID                      


POSTER/ARTWORK III Physics and Chemistry

FIRST PLACE              Carolina Marques dos Santos Vieira, BISI

SECOND PLACE         Gregory Custer, BIOE                     



FIRST PLACE              Hongyang Zhao, EDHD

SECOND PLACE         Yuting Sun, EDHD


POSTER/ARTWORK III Natural Environment

FIRST PLACE              Rebecca A. Eckert, ENTM

SECOND PLACE         Rachel Eberius, ENST                     


FIRST PLACE              Rianna Murray, TOXI          

SECOND PLACE         Parisa Moghaddam-Taaheri, BIOE


The Graduate Student Government (GSG) will be hosting Graduate Research Appreciation Day on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, in the Stamp Student Union in conjunction with the UMD Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition. This annual event was previously known as Graduate Research Interaction Day, but through the advocacy of graduate students, the name was changed to Graduate Research Appreciation Day. The GSG passed legislation to support the name change and a new name was chosen at the 2016 event. 

Graduate Research Appreciation Day (GRAD) provides an on-campus conference-style venue in which graduate students from all academic backgrounds can share their research or work, obtain valuable faculty and peer feedback, and hone their communication skills within the comfort of their own campus environment. GRAD fosters healthy competition among students by recognizing and awarding the best presentations from subject-themed oral, poster, and elevator-speech presentation sessions, among others.

GSG encourages the submission of abstracts or a summary of work from graduate students in any program (including Master's, Professional, and PhD students), in any discipline. GRAD is intended to be an inclusive space, and the GRAD planning committee will strive to make it so. If, at any point, you have a suggestion for making GRAD more accessible or welcoming, particularly to folks with disabilities and/or folks of typically marginalized identities, please contact us at gsg-vpaa@umd.edu.

GRAD is made possible by the generous support of our partners: 

Abstract Submission

The abstract deadline has passed, however, if you are still interested in attending GRAD 2017, please register below! 

In combination with the Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT), the Graduate School and GSG proudly announce that GRAD 2017 is focusing on the effective communication of our research with the broader public.  In this spirit, we are encouraging participants to select elevator speeches, while still offering other formats that might fit with your research or work in a better fashion.  

Please use this Google Form to register for submitting an abstract/summary of work for the Graduate Research Appreciation Day 2017. We invite all graduate students to present their research or work in one of the following formats: 

  1. Poster or Artwork Presentation (no larger than 36"x48" or 48"x36")
  2. Oral Presentation (Twelve minutes)
  3. Elevator Speech (Three minutes, maximum three slides)
  4. Performance e.g. Musical, Spoken Word, Theatrical, Dance (Maximum ten minutes)

Volunteer to be a Judge

We received an overwhelming response in our requests for GRAD 2017 judges! We want to thank all of you for taking the time to help improve graduate research at the University of Maryland! 

GRAD depends on the generous donation of time and expertise of judges, both in the abstract review process (during the month of March) and on the day of GRAD. If you are a PhD candidate, post-doc, tenure-track faculty member, professional-track faculty member, or staff person, please consider volunteering as a GRAD judge! To volunteer, fill out this brief form


Registration for GRAD is free and open to all graduate/professional students and faculty. Come to GRAD to see your friends and colleagues present their work, to hear an engaging presentation at the morning keynote, to participate in thought-provoking discussions at lunch, and for the free food and swag! Please register here by Monday, April 3rd.


We are looking forward to hearing all the upcoming GRAD 2017 presentations! The detailed research presentation schedule can be found here. We encourage you and your colleagues to attend sessions of interest throughout the day, including the Breakfast Plenary and Lunch-time Roundtable Session (see below). 

Grad At-a-Glance

*New to GRAD 2017



For more information, please contact the GRAD Planning Committee at grad.umdgsg@gmail.com.