Below is the complete list of all committees along with description and contact details.

Academic Affairs

Contact - | GSG Rep -

Reviews University and Graduate School policies and develops GSG proposals on issues pertaining to the academic and professional development of graduate students. It also assists with the execution and management of Graduate Research Appreciation Day (GRAD).

Budget & Finance

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The Budget and Finance Committee (BFC) reviews Event Funding Requests (EFRs) from graduate students and graduate student organizations for the funding of graduate student activities. Members of the BFC are responsible for evaluating proposals in a fair, transparent, ethical and timely manner.


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The Communication Committee is responsible for social media content creation, newsletter creation and distribution, website content management, and other communication-related tasks as needed to ensure effective internal and external communication for GSG.


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Reaches out to cultural groups across campus in order to build stronger ties throughout the graduate student community and works to promote diversity within the GSG.


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Supervises yearly GSG Executive Elections and midterm elections for representatives. The EC is in charge of setting up, assisting to generate interest in, and helping to facilitate GSG elections.


Contact - | GSG Rep -

Presides over elections disputes, impeachment proceedings, and is the highest authority in the GSG concerning all matters of interpretation of the GSG Constitution, Bylaws, Executive Orders, and all other statutes.

Graduate Researchers, Employees, Assistants and Teachers

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Investigates issues surrounding graduate employment on campus, formulate proposals on policies and procedures to address current or future problems and improve the quality of life of graduate students working on campus, and meet regularly with the University Administration and Graduate School to help implement any necessary changes.

Graduate Student Affairs

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Considers issues such as housing, safety, transportation, and other issues pertaining to graduate student well being.

Legislative Action

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Ensures that UMCP graduate students are in the minds of decision makers on a University, local, and state level and assists in the communication process. The committee monitors legislation to see how it might affect graduate students and lobbies elected officials on behalf of graduate student's interests.


Contact - | GSG Rep -

Decides the agenda of the monthly GSG meeting. This includes all legislation or other items to appear, their order, and any appropriate time limits.

Social & Sport

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Manages graduate student programming and petitions for recreation services to reflect the needs of a diverse graduate student body. Programming includes sporting events, social events, and Grad Pub.