UMD Students Free Airport Pickup Service - August 2016

The Graduate Student Government (GSG) has worked with other offices across the UMD campus to offer a free shuttle service to transport UMD students from Dulles International Airport (IAD) to the campus and surrounding locations on the following dates:

  • Wednesday August 3rd
  • Thursday August 4th,
  • Friday August 5th,
  • Saturday August 6th,
  • Tuesday August 9th,
  • Tuesday August 16th,
  • Thursday August 18th   

There will be three (3) shuttle trips daily which will depart from Dulles International Airport at 10:15 am, 2:15 pm and 6:15 pm and transport students to the STAMP Student Union via Seven Springs Apartments, Graduate Hills, Graduate Gardens and Parkside (See detailed schedule below). Please register for the shuttle at the following link: so that we could pick you up and take you home. 

When you arrive at Dulles, look for a volunteer with a University of Maryland T-shirt (Black with a UMD logo on the back) and a sign for the University of Maryland at Bag Carousel 15 near Door 2 in the International Passengers Waiting Area (

Airport Shuttle Schedule Summer 2016 

Note: Times are approximate, the volunteers will notify the bus when students are ready at the terminal (Baggage Carousel 15, near Door 2 in the International Waiting Area) 

Time Location
8:45am STAMP Student Union 
9:00 am Depart for Dulles Airport 
10:15 am Arrive at Dulles and begin pickup
10:30 am Leave Dulles*
12:45 pm Return to STAMP Student Union
1:00 pm Depart for Dulles Airport
2:15 pm Arrive at Dulles and begin pickup
2:30 pm Leave Dulles*
4:45 pm Return STAMP Student Union
5:00 pm Depart for Dulles
6:15 pm Arrive at Dulles and begin pickup
6:30 pm Leave Dulles*

*After Leaving Dulles the route goes as such

  1. Seven Springs Apartments at 9310 Cherry Hill Road, College Park, MD  
  2. Parkside Apartments at 8125 48th Avenue, College Park, MD 
  3. Graduate Hills Apartments at 3424 Tulane Drive, Adelphi, MD 
  4. Graduate Gardens at 4317 Rowalt Drive, College Park, MD 
  5. Return to STAMP Student Union

If you have any questions, please contact Xu Han ( 1+(240)893-5855  or Stephanie Cork  ( 1+(240)485-4722.

If you cannot take the shuttle here or the shuttle is not available on your arrival day or time, please see the following link for other options for getting to the University of Maryland:

The International Student  & Scholar Services (ISSS) can also be contacted for further assistance in advance of your travel:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Thank you and Safe Travels!