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The Rules Committee is responsible for setting the agenda for each upcoming assembly meeting, editing and reviewing legislation, as well as the constitution and bylaw documents.  


  • Adria Schwarber - Committee Chair -
  • Yehuda Katz
  • Leila Duman 
  • Guy Aldridge

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How To Write Legislation

This page explains the legislative side of the Assembly and the GSG. Any graduate student enrolled at the University of Maryland College Park is a member of the GSG and is thus able to effect change through proposing legislation for consideration by the Assembly.

Deadlines for Submitting Legislation

The deadline for submitting draft resolutions or amendments is 9 business days before the Assembly Rules Committee.  Click here to see the dates for submission for the 2016-2017 Legislative year. 

How to Submit a Resolution

Resolutions are statements of sentiment. The GSG can resolve many things: to support an idea or notion, to reject the idea of a policy or procedure, to align itself with another entity, anything really. Below, you'll find a template that you can use in the formulation of your own resolution to be submitted to the Rules Committee and brought before the Assembly. You'll also a find a sample of a resolution that was approved by the Assembly.

How to Submit an Act

Acts are statements of executable action. Acts that come before the GSG will present a budget, establish a calendar, or make changes to the GSG Bylaws or Constitution in the form of an amendment. Below, you'll find a template you can use in the formulation of your own amendment to be submitted to the Rules Committee and brought before the Assembly. You'll also find a sample of an amendment that was approved by the Assembly.

What to Do Now

Now that you've drafted your own legislation, what's the process through which the legislation will be brought before the Assembly?

Send your legislation as an e-mail attachment to the Rules Committee at The Chair of the Rules Committee will contact you for additional information if any substantive changes need to be made.

Submitted Legislation

You can track past and upcoming legislation here to see if it has passed, failed, or been referred to a committee for review or modification.