GSG BFC Best Practices :

  1. Events that are non-inclusive or inaccessible to any graduate student based on race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disability, or on the basis of the exercise of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, in accordance with the University of Maryland Human Relations Code, will not be funded. 

  2. All events must adhere to the UMD GSG By Laws.

  3. Events that are conducted outside campus are less likely to be funded as we encourage events within the campus, where all graduate students can participate.

  4. Gifts or prizes for guests, speakers or students or any capital expenditure for events are prohibited to fund by the GSG bylaws.

  5. All the items for decorations are not eligible for funding.

  6. The amount for food over $10 per graduate student will be accepted based on the GSO event situation and GSG EFR budget scenario.

  7. Educational or professional development events, especially those that appeal to a large  portion of the graduate student population and encourage cross-disciplinary interaction, are given preference.

  8. The applicant GSO must show concerted effort to be inclusive of the graduate student body outside of their own organization through publicity and outreach prior to GSG funded events, as outlined clearly in EFRs.

  9. Ticketed events are considered more rigorously by the BFC, as the cost of a ticket may provide a monetary barrier for widespread graduate student participation.

  10. Organizations who fail to abide by the best practices, GSG by laws, file post-event reports or provide fraudulent information will potentially be sanctioned and be barred from applying for event funding for six months.

  11. Applicant GSOs must declare all members who are also members of the GSG General Assembly and GSG BFC to avoid conflict of interest and maintain the BFC’s integrity and transparency.

  12. Any members of BFC affiliated with the applicant GSO must declare themselves in the beginning and excuse themselves from the discussion to maintain integrity and transparency of the BFC.
  13. GSOs must include the event sign-up sheet and at least a photo with the event and GSG sign in their post-event report.  
  14. In the event of extenuating circumstances that a GSO's vendor (specified in their approved EFR) does not / cannot comply with UMD policies / requirements of documentation for payment of said vendor, the BFC may approve an emergency change to an on-campus vendor for the same dollar amount and either exact (or closest approximation) of items specified in the approved EFR.