Get Involved with GSG !!


GSG Committees (follow link to see full list)

These are committees that are internal to the Graduate Student Government, each committee is chaired by an elected Graduate Student and overseen by one of the Vice Presidents. 

University Appointed Committee (follow link to see full list) 

These are committees that serve the entire student body in issues such as Facilities, Diversity, Transportation and other Services. 

What are the time Commitments for GSG?

President (20 hours per week)

This is a 12 month Graduate Assistant (GA) Positions. The President is elected annually in the Spring Semester; they serve their one year term from July 1 - June 30. After being elected they will hire a Director of Operations and other hourly staff (Notetaker, Webmaster, Photographer, Archivist etc.,) as dictated by the GSG Assembly. 

Executive Board (5 hours a week)

These are 12 month elected positions that parallel the GSG President. Each executive is required to attend the Monthly Assembly Meetings, chair GSG committees, and sit on University Wide Committees to represent the needs of Graduate Students. They are awarded a stipend each semester (Fall, Spring) for their efforts.

GSG Assembly Representatives (5 – 10 hours a month)

These are elected positions that represent the needs of their department. They must attend the monthly assembly meetings, and translate any important issues to their home department. These positions can be filled through special or annual elections. There is an introduction given to all newly elected representatives each year, but more information can be found in this Presentation

GSG Committee Members (5 hours a month)

These are volunteer positions that include GSG Assembly Representatives and at large graduate students. The time commitment may vary in relation to events or advocacy initiatives (such as GRAD or Lobby Day) that the committee takes on.

University Wide Committees (varies)

Some committees meet monthly, some only once a semester, the amount of work for grads involved in these groups varies drastically. However, having the graduate student voice is vital to make sure we are heard at all levels of the university.