Come by the Graduate Student Life Lounge for coffee and granola bars to learn about and show your support of these important issues!

Lobbying your State Representatives

Graduate Students should email (or call!) their State Representatives to show their support of these issues that affect the UMD Graduate Student body.

  1. Recognizing the need for graduate students to be considered employees.; and,
  2. Recognizing that graduate students deserve the right to unionize; and,
  3. Allowing graduate students both on external and internal fellowships the right to access state employee health insurance without the need to subsidize it with additional fellowships 

Email or call about one or all of the issues. Just get involved!  We will have computers ready for you to send your emails to your representative! For assistance or to ask questions please come to the GSL lounge!  It is Free Coffee Thursday in the lounge and granola bars will be provided by the GSG 9:30 AM to 4 PM.

Don’t know your Representative? Visit this website:  Type in your address and click on one of the state delegates that are your representatives for your district.  Their email is listed below and just send off one of our pre-set typed emails or send one of your own to help support the Graduate Student Government on Lobby Day! 

Lobbying the University of Maryland Graduate Council

The following table contains email addresses of Graduate Council members for various programs. Feel free to use one of our pre-set typed emails or send one of your own to help support the Mutual Expectation Agreements (MEA) initiative. You can find out more information about the MEA initiative on our current initiatives page.

Graduate Council 2015-2016





Alex Chen, Ph.D.

Graduate School

Associate Dean

Arthur Popper, Ph.D.


Senior Faculty Advisor, STEM

Charles Delwiche, Ph.D.


Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

Gerald Wilkinson, Ph.D.



Hugh Bruck, Ph.D.


Mechanical Engineering

Jeffrey Franke

Graduate School

Assistant Dean, Chief of Staff

Jeffrey Lucas, Ph.D.



Jennifer King Rice, Ph.D.


College of Education

Leigh Smiley


Theatre and Performing Arts

Lucy Dalglish

Council of Deans

Dean, JOUR

Mark Shayman, Ph.D.

Graduate School

Associate Dean

Ping Wang, Ph.D.


Information Sciences

Rick Kohn, Ph.D.


Animal and Avian Sciences

Rob Sprinkle, Ph.D.


Public Policy

Sally Simpson, Ph.D.


Senior Faculty Advisor, Social Science

Yang Tao, Ph.D.



Contact Information of College Deans


Dean Name


Phone Number

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Craig Beyrouty


College of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

David Cronrath

(301) 405-9421

College of Arts and Humanities

Bonnie Thornton Dill


College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Gregory F. Ball

301 405 1691

Robert H. Smith School of Business

Alexander J. Triantis


College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences

Jayanth R. Banavar

301 405 2316

College of Education

Donna L. Wiseman

(301) 405-2336

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Darryll Pines

(301) 405-8335

The Graduate School

Charles A. Caramello

301 405 0358

Phillip Merrill College of Journalism

Lucy Dalglish

301 405 8806

College of Information Studies

Brian Butler

301 405 2036

School of Public Health

Jane E. Clark

301 405 2452

School of Public Policy

Robert Orr

301 405 6330