Officer Descriptions

  • President 

    The President serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the GSG as well as the Chair of the GSG Executive Committee. The President oversees and guides the general operations of the Graduate Student Government. The President hires and supervises the GSG’s Director of Operations and co-supervises the Graduate Legal Aid Office with the Coordinator for Graduate Student Life.

    In addition to parliamentary duties such as signing legislation, calling for referenda, and issuing executive orders, the President serves as the public face of the GSG. The President is a member of several other committees and boards, such as the Graduate Council, the University Senate, and the Committee for the Review of Student Fees.

    The President also has the responsibility of appointing delegates to campus organizations that provide seats for representatives of the Graduate Student Government. This includes positions such as the GSG Presidential Advisor on Senate-Related Issues, the GSG representatives to the Senate Campus Affairs and Senate Student Affairs Committees, and many others.

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs

    The VPAA is charged with investigating University and Graduate School policies that pertain to the academic and professional development of graduate students, as well as reviewing and developing GSG policy and programs related to the academic and professional development of graduate students.

  • Vice President for Committee Affairs 

    The VPCA oversees and coordinates the functioning and staffing of standing and ad hoc committees of the GSG.

  • Vice President for Community Development  

    The VPCD organizes and oversees the activities planned by the Social and Sport and Executive committees, and plans events dedicated to increasing participation of graduate students in the life of the campus and the GSG.

  • Vice President for Legislative Affairs

    The VPLA chairs the monthly GSG Assembly meetings, prepares legislation for the Assembly, serves on the Rules Committee, and ensures minutes of the meetings are kept and distributed.

  • Vice President for Financial Affairs

    The VPFA oversees the financial affairs of the GSG, which includes administering the Event Funding Request (EFR) Process, chairing the Budget and Finance Committee (BFC), and overseeing the GSG budget.

  • Vice President for Student Affairs

    The VPSA is responsible for investigating issues affecting the graduate student body, turning that information into productive and meaningful actions that can be taken by the organization. Issues such as housing, workload, and stipends are frequently dealt with by the VPSA.

  • Vice President for Public Relations

    The VPPR is responsible for conducting outreach to departments and graduate programs, collaborating with the chairs of GSG committees to publicize their work and communicating the work of the GSG with the campus community and beyond. The VPPR also chairs the Elections Committee and runs both special and general elections.