University Appointed Committees

GSG Committees are responsible for carrying out much of the day-to-day work of the GSG, since they can consider business in more detail than is possible in a single monthly meeting. Committees are now forming and they are a great way to get involved!

GSG representatives serve on other campus and community bodies to ensure that the graduate student voice is heard. The following table lists the students that serve on the committees and their contact information, if you'd like their direct email address feel free to email the GSG office at

University Committee Appointee
All in Democracy Challenge Caden Fabbi
Athletic Department Student Advisory Council (1) Nishat (Natasha) Seraj
bi-weekly with DOTS Rianna Murray
Board of Trustees Stephanie J. Cork
Bike Infastructure Implementation Committee (BIIC) Rianna Murray, Adria Schwarber
Campus Affairs Committee Rep (University Senate) VACANT 
Campus Recreation Advisory Board (CRAB) VACANT 
Campus Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) Rianna Murray
Committee for Appointment of New Graduate School Dean Stephanie Cork
Committee for Review of the Graduate School Adria Schwarber
Committee for the Review of Student Fees Stephanie Cork
Committee for the Review of Student Fees Adria Schwarber
Diversity Advisory Council Katie Brown
Diversity Advisory Council Jenni Young
Education Affairs Committee Rep (University Senate) Adria Scwarber
Facilities Advisory Council (Nominee) Rianna Murray
GAAC (ex-officio) Stephanie Cork
GAAC (ex-officio) Adria Schwarber, Caden Fabbi
Graduate Council (1) Stephanie J. Cork
Graduate Council (2) Adria Schwarber
Graduate Council (3) Will Howell
Honor Council Kaylin Brewer (EDUC)
Honor Council Emily Butler (EDUC)
Honor Council Zac Hyder (EDUC)
Honor Council Katherine Leppert (PSYC)
Honor Council Molly McInstry (EDUC)
Honor Council Barbara Peng (BUS)
Kirwan Faculty Award Committee Nishat (Natasha) Seraj
Libraries Student Advisory Group (1) Rebecca Alt
Libraries Student Advisory Group (2) VACANT
Libraries Student Advisory Group (3) VACANT 
Maryland Dialogues Stephanie J. Cork 
Nyumburu Cultural Center Student Advisory Board Stephanie J. Cork
OIT Technology Fee VACANT
OIT Technology Fee Brady Woods 
OIT Technology Fee Adria Schwarber
OIT Technology Fee Rebecca Stone
OIT Technology Fee VACANT
Pepsi Review Board Natasha Seraj
Maryland Students for the Arts VACANT, Application here: 
President's Commission on Disability Issues Stephanie Cork
President's Student Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion VACANT 
PROVSAC (1) Adria Schwarber
PROVSAC (2) Stephanie Cork
PROVSAC (3) Katie Brown
PROVSAC (application) Samuel Allen
PROVSAC (application) Julio J. Bermejo
PROVSAC (application) Bernadette Kilcer
Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Clare Sengupta
Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Nygel Williams 
Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) VACANT
Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) VACANT
STAMP Union Advisory Board Katie Brown
STAMP Union Advisory Board Stephanie Cork
Student Affairs Committee Rep (University Senate) Xu Han
Student Facilities Fund - FAC Subcommittee Rianna Murray 
Student Facilities Fund - FAC Subcommittee Guy Aldridge 
Student Facilities Fund - FAC Subcommittee Caden Fabbi 
Students Facilities Fund & Cabinet to Cabinet VACANT
Sustainability Council Adria Scwarber
TLTC Advisory Board Ashlee Wilkins, Adria Scwarber
University System of Maryland Student Council (USMSC)  Stephanie Cork, Caden Fabbi 
USMSC Executive Board (Student Affairs)  Rianna Murray 
Presidential Advisor on Senate-Related Issues Katie Brown
Quality of Life Committee (City-Unviersity Partnership) Stephanie Cork
GSG Alumni Network Liaison Deborah Hemingway
OCRSM Fee Review Committee Stephanie Cork
RecWell Fee Review Committee VACANT 
RecWell South Campus Review Committee Jules Brice
City-University Partnership Meetings Caden Fabbi
Education Caden Fabbi
Public Safety Caden Fabbi
Revitalization and Redevelopment Caden Fabbi
Sustainability Caden Fabbi
Transportation Adria Schwarber
UMDCP Foundation Board of Trustees Stephanie Cork
Mental Health Accessibility Working Group VACANT
One College Park Coalition Stephanie Cork
Athletic Department Student Fee Advisory Council (ADSAC) Stephanie Cork, Rebecca Alt
GSG Equity Officer David Ampofo
Police Advisory and Review Council 

VACANT, if interested contact:

Standing Review Committee for Title IX Office

VACANT, if interested contact: