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Welcome to our new home page! Here you can find information about what kind of organization we are, our calendar events, test bank, contact information, and t-shirt orders.   

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Students who are studying computer and electrical engineering have plenty of opportunities to go into different fields depending on their interests. Whether you want to develop hollow shaft encoders or work within software and design, computer and electrical engineering gives students a diverse background. This allows students to pick a number of different industries based on what they are interested in doing.

Computer engineering is the type of career field where you may be dealing with sensitive material. Building plans and blueprints for newelectronic products usually need to be stored on a secure server with dedicated space. Make sure you go with HIPAA compliant hosting when you are looking for your server hosting options.

  • IEEE at the University of Maryland serves to cater the needs of both undergraduate and graduate Electrical and Computer engineers within the Clark school of Engineering. This includes providing professional, social, and academic resources to our members, as well as a connection to the international IEEE community.

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