UMD Pre-Veterinary Society is a professional club focused on informing and preparing students for Veterinary school, gaining experience with a variety of animals, and doing service work. Pre-vet society offers opportunities to work with all kinds of animals in all kinds of enviornments. We also invite many speakers to talk to our members, from vet school admissions, veterinarians, vet school grad students ...etc. Pre-Vet Society also support visitations to Vet schools like Cornell, UPenn, Virgina-Maryland...etc. UMD Pre-Vet Society is a member of the American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association.

Feel free to look around to see the specifics of what we do and what we have done. If you are interested in speaking in one of our meetings please feel free to contact us by email. If you are a student, please be responsible and keep up with the requirements of staying in the club. You can find links to service opportunities, sign up sheets, and service dates on the other pages.

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Come to a meeting if you're interested - every other Wednesday in ANSC 0408 at 7 PM!

Upcoming Events!

  • Last Meeting: May 10th!

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