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The Student Archivists at Maryland (SAM) is an organization established for the expressed purpose of developing archival skills, as well as an awareness of social responsibilities to encourage students to participate in archival affairs. The Student Archivists at Maryland is a recognized student chapter of the Society of America Archivists (SAA).

The Student Archivists at Maryland meet on a regular basis and sponsor tours, workshops, and other activities related to the archival field. Outreach and cooperation with other student chapters of SAA is also encouraged. Although you do not have to become a member to attend our events, you should consider becoming a SAM member. The dues make SAM events possible, and membership can be listed on your resume. SAM uses your dues to pay for the following items:

  • Refreshments and supplies for SAM meetings and events
  • Posters, fliers, and printed materials for SAM events
  • SAM brochures, bookmarks, and stickers
  • Gas and tolls to carpool for out-of-town tours

We don't require that our members belong to Society of American Archivists (SAA) or Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC), but we strongly encourage you to join. Student memberships to these organizations are not too expensive, and the benefits are worth it. As archives students, we are professionals in the making, and this is a valuable first step towards professional involvement.

To join, please complete the form below. Dues for one academic year are $5.00 and may be submitted in person at meetings to our treasurer or through Paypal or Venmo at Checks must be payable to "Student Archivists at Maryland". 

SAM Membership Form 2018-19
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Benefits of Joining SAM

When you join SAM, you have access to the following benefits:

  1. Tours, career panels, and events for SAM members and fellow iSchool students
  2. Networking with students and alumni that share your interest in archives
  3. Professional involvement in an archives-oriented organization that hosts speakers, engages in advocacy, and creates an environment for archives-focused discussions

Benefits of Joining SAA

As a member of SAM it is highly recommended that you also join the Society of American Archivists (SAA). As a SAA member you receive the following benefits:

  1. Subscription to Archival Outlook newsletter and American Archivist journal
  2. Discount on books (see the Publications catalog) and event fees
  3. Join two sections and an unlimited number of roundtables

SAA provides the following opportunities for students:

  1. Sign up for a SAA mentor
  2. Submit individual student posters and papers to the annual SAA meeting
  3. Submit program proposals for the annual SAA meeting
  4. Find a job using the Online Employment Bulletin
  5. Network with fellow professionals
  6. Identify scholarships in many areas. Those most applicable to students are:
    • Theodore Calvin Pease Award
    • Oliver Wendell Holmes Travel Award
    • Colonial Dames Scholarships to the Modern Archives Institute
    • Donna Cutt Scholarship to the Modern Archives Institute

Benefits of Joining MARAC

As a member of SAM, you may also want to consider joining the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC). As a MARAC member you receive the following benefits:

  1. Subscription to Mid-Atlantic Archivist newsletter
  2. Discount on membership and conference fees
  3. Join your state caucus, and any additional caucuses for $1.00

MARAC provides the following opportunities for students:

  1. Attend Archives Week
  2. MARAC provides scholarships in many areas. The ones that are the most applicable for students are:
    • MARAC Meeting Scholarship
    • MARAC Workshop Scholarship
    • MARAC Meeting Travel Assistance Awards
  3. Visit the Employment Opportunities page
  4. Networking with fellow professionals