Cinema Royale Competition 2013

October 26, 2013

Cinema Royale is a campus-wide competition where students are given a video camera, 5 hours to film, and 4 hours to edit a short film based on a prompt given the day of the competition. These films will then be screened at a venue on campus where a panel of judges will announce the winner of the competition. There may be prizes, and the judges will choose a winner based on creativity and resourcefulness. All levels are welcome! The competition will take place on Saturday, October 26th and the editing workshops during the week after.

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Registration Closes on Saturday, October 19 at 10:00pm

Registration is absolutely mandatory in order to receive confirmation of your participation, as well as updates on the competition for your own preparation. Please make sure to click on the "Finish" button at the end of the registration form!

Registration is now closed! Thank you for participating.

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Best Overall and Best Screenplay: Team 2 - A Simple Misunderstanding

  • Donald Gregorich
  • Joseph Owen
  • Warren Zhang


Most Resourceful: Team 4 - Homecoming Fever

  • Gabriella Abella
  • Mariel Bartolome
  • Patricia Masigla
  • Jonathan Reyes

Best Cinematography: Team 1 - McHeldIn

  • Alex Duplessie
  • Charlotte Johnson
  • Tyler Salvador
  • Luka Zhupa

Best Editing: Team 3 - Trapped in a Porno: The Musical

  • Livia Amoruso
  • Matthew Dohm
  • Anna Harris
  • Patrick McDonough
  • Chris Robeck

Team 5: Gabriella Abella, Harsha Cuttari, Daniel Luu, Kelly Wong


Congratulations to all teams on their submissions!




How do people form teams? What if I don't have team members?

On the registration form, you may indicate the team members you plan to join the competition with. If you do not have a team, you may indicate this as well and the organizers of the competition will form teams before the day of the competition.

When/Where is the day of filming?

The competition will take place at the Hornbake Plaza on Saturday, October 26th from 12 - 5pm. Competitors will be asked to come an hour before the competition begins in order to be prepped and equipped with cameras and their prompt.

What cameras are we using?

We will be reserving flipcams from the UMD McKeldin Equipment Loan Program

How are you enforcing the time limits?

There will be referees from the Maryland Filmmakers Club following each team to provide filming support and to ensure that all filming is discontinued at the end of the fifth hour.

What is the editing software?

iMovie for Mac due to the steep learning curve that comes with using more advanced editing software such as Final Cut Pro.

Who is judging?

From the UMD Film Department: Brian Real and Adam Nixon

From Shout "Fire!" Film Society: Elisa Escapa (President) and Sean Konig (Vice-President)

What are the prizes?

We have a basket of various swag from the Monster University â€‹franchise graciously donated by the local DC Area film marketing company, Allied IM.

Where/When is the final screening? Who can come?

Saturday, November 3 at the Hornbake Library (more details TBA). There is no limit to seatings, and the screening event is free! Guests strongly encouraged.