Pong Mobile is a US based players’ rating search application for the sport of table tennis. The app is designed for mobile and desktop use.

Intended to be a companion app for the avid table tennis competitors, PongMobile allows for quick and easy search and presents results in a smart and intuitive manner.

Currently used by players in over 44 States in the US and over 10 other countries, PongMobile offers a search experience that is unparalleled in the wonderful and widely played sport in the world, Table Tennis.

  • USATT Rating Search - smart and intuitive search tool
  • Player Profile - create and review profiles for quick analysis before a match Competition Data Analysis – access to all tournaments and matches data
  • Rating Change Alerts - Sign-up and receive automatic email alerts when ratings (of specific players) are updated


Paddle Palace

Paddle Palace North American Distributor for the major brands of table tennis. Users can order tables, robots, paddles, rubber, balls, shoes, apparels, and other accessories from a variety of brands online. Their website can be reached at https://www.paddlepalace.com/


Signing up

  • Please sign up at the club sports office located on level 0 (room 0201) of the Eppley recreation center. It is open from 10AM to 5:30PM on weekdays. You will not be able to join club activities until you do so. 

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