Maryland Ultimate

Space Bastards Ultimate

Who Are We?

We are an intensely competitive intercollegiate men’s ultimate team. Since there is no varsity ultimate yet, we are a University of Maryland club sport and the highest level of ultimate at UMD. We regularly travel around the county to compete against the best teams from all over the nation. Any full-time graduate or undergraduate student at the University of Maryland is eligible to play.

History of UMDFU

Maryland Ultimate was founded in the fall of 1993. In 22 years, the 2015 team is the first team to appear at College Nationals. Maryland was very close to the national stage in 2002, 2008, 2009 and 2014. Today, our program is larger than just our A-team roster. We have more than 80 students participating in our club and look to spread the sport to students across campus. Many of our players did not have ultimate experience before coming to Maryland, and many of our current players started on our B team. We pride ourselves on our preparation and hard work at practice as we look to create a program at a national level. Our motto this season is "Respect All, Fear None, Finish Strong."

No Experience Necessary

Experience with the sport of ultimate is not necessary to play for the club. In fact, well over half of our current players had no previous ultimate experience before coming out to practice. We’ll teach you the rules, plays, strategies, how to throw, and be awesome in general. The only thing you need to be is athletic.

Time Commitment

This issue worries many prospective players and few current ones. The bottom line is that being on the team takes time, but it is way more than worth it. Many players have found that being on the team actually helps them stay more organized and on top of their school work. The team consists of students from all sorts of academic concentrations (English, economics, engineering, architecture, speech pathology, etc.) and levels (undergrads, masters students, and PhD candidates). We practice 4 times a week and travel to 2-3 tournaments in the fall. During the spring semester, we practice even harder, and really increase our conditioning training as the College Series approaches. We hold traditional practices as well as team distance runs, throwing sessions, and track workouts. With all that said, school still always comes first. Classes and tests take precedence over all things ultimate.

The Benefits

This could be endless, but here is a brief list:
  • Continue playing competitive sports at a high level
  • Learn a new sport that you will love (guaranteed)
  • Meet a whole new group of cool guys
  • Get to travel around the country
  • Stay/get in great shape
  • Be able to chill out and look sweet, throwing 70-yard flicks while talkin’ on your cell phone and wavin’ to all your honeys
  • Access to older guys for class, professor, and program recommendations
  • Learn valuable life lessons from trustworthy folks (many players gone on to become doctors in their fields)
  • Have a sweet tan even in the winter from tournament trips to the Carolinas
  • Learn the words to every Queen song and the names of all the Backstreet Boys