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About GSG

Graduate Student Government (GSG) is the official representative body for graduate students at the University of Maryland, College Park. It is comprised of the executive (Executive Committee) and legislative (Assembly) branches. We meet monthly at our General Assembly Meetings, which are open to all graduate students. GSG is funded by the Graduate Student Activities Fee.

The mission of GSG is to advocate on behalf of graduate students at the University of Maryland and in our state. GSG represents the interests of graduate students and graduate employees at the university-level, system-level, and state-level. We are committed to using our resources to provide, support, and encourage graduate student programming that serves the varied interests of our constituents. We are committed to the practice of shared governance and vow to hold university administration, the campus community, and ourselves accountable in the ongoing struggle to fulfill that promise. We are committed to fighting injustice and working to transform the structures, policies, and cultures that enable systems of oppression at this university and in our communities.

Contact Info:

Website: www.gsg.umd.edu

Email: gsg-office@umd.edu

Facebook: @gsg.umd

Twitter: @GSGUMD


Officers (2018 - 2019) 

All executive positions are open for nominations during the general election in the spring. Each VP is expected to work approximately five hours per week for the GSG. For this work, they receive an honoraria of $1,334 per semester. Attendance of the Assembly is mandatory for all executives. If three Assembly meetings are missed, they are automatically cited with a Charge Of Neglect and the Assembly votes on impeachment.


GSG President

Annie Rappeport


Academic Affairs

Binbin Peng


Community Development

Casey Cavanaugh


Diversity & Inclusion

Monica Morell 


Financial Affairs

Devin Scott


Government Affairs

Rachel Lamb


Legislative Affairs

Roozbeh Bahkshi


Public Relations

Shawna Dias


Student Affairs

Xu Han


For a list of officer descriptions, please visit the Officer Descriptions page.

GSG Staff
Director of Operations - Morgan Wiggan 

Chief of Staff -  Jane Lyons


Representatives (2018 - 2019) 

Every fee-paying graduate student at the University of Maryland is a member of Graduate Student Government. A smaller number of students, called Program Representatives, convene monthly as an Assembly to discuss issues which require collective action. Anyone can attend these open meetings, but only the Representatives can vote on the resolutions and amendments presented. We follow parliamentary procedure in the Assembly to ensure democratic and reasonably efficient operations.

To learn more about the responsibilities and duties of a Program Representative, please visit our Representative Responsibilities page. 

For a full list of programs with open seats, please click here.
Emma Schrantz ARHP
Haleigh Eppler BISI
Sai Prabhath Kollimaria BMAN
Alexander Dennis BPHD
Laura McBride CHEM
Yehuda Katz CMSC
Roozbeh Yousefzadeh CMSC
Katie Brown COMM
Aria Shahverdi ENEE
Ruben Acevedo ENME
Amin Aria ENRE
Aditi Dubey ENTM
Sharan Erukulia ENTS
Shy Porter FMSC
Rachel Lamb GEOG
MacGregor Obergfell HIED
Alexander Dunphy HIST
Vaishnavi K. S. Vel INFM
Aaron Doliana LING
Jessica Gleason MCHS
Hilina Tarekegn MPGS
Felix Bartsch NACS
Jake Steen PHIL
Zachary Eldredge PHYS
Liz Friedman PHYS
Syed Jawaid PMCY
Hannah Kleman SOCY
Q-mars Haeri THPF

Governing Documents

The governing documents of the GSG are the Constitution and the Bylaws. Changes to the constitution require a referendum that goes out to the graduate student population in which at least 500 students vote. Bylaws, on the other hand, can be changed by a two-thirds majority in the GSG Assembly. Click on the following links to download the documents: